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  1. wasif says:

    good work

    • Daniel Derck says:

      I love sex! Unfortunately, God had me struck by a vehicle 7/14/88 & seriously messed me up in that department. What can I do? I don’t lack in the looks area. Several girls want to have sex w/me. I could do that, however, injury dictates I receive(bottom)rather than give(top). What positions do you reccomend?

  2. Larry says:

    Spread The Love

  3. Marty says:

    I find your letters interesting and sometimes inspirational Thank you..

  4. MUSA says:

    Hi i like program

  5. catur heri prasetyo says:

    i have wife….. but her frigid to me… how can her erotic for her and me??? thanks very much…

  6. yann says:

    I have read your comments and watched the video and whilst doing so managed to get an erection so this massage technique will have a great effect if you take notice it will be a mindfull experience.I look forward to being able to purchase your full vide so that in the end after the massage,I can really get stuck in,if you know what I mean.

  7. Jane says:

    Gabrielle Moore, you are the best Sexual Advisor! Congrats on the launch of Erotic Massage For Better Sex!

  8. Carlos Vecchionacce says:

    Excelent Gabrielle,

    For sure this program will be another killer !!!

    Carlos Vecchionacce

  9. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for all the tips!”

  10. momo says:


  11. Adolf says:

    good for all

  12. Adolf says:

    its nice

  13. Atif Ahmed says:

    good Work
    i love this…

  14. Angela says:

    Great video always tryin to step my game up thanks for the tip

  15. Gonzo says:

    thumbs up, sexy voice. humm

  16. Arthur Jacobo says:

    you are the best i love to do all that you say

  17. Dominick Pontois says:

    this so true! Tantric sex is all about this! Taking care and make the pleasure of the woman the first priority… Ejaculation is for reproduction, Tantric sex with semen retention is for pure pleasure. And that way one can give the female some multiple orgasms.

  18. doming britanico says:

    Thanks Gab…I got some tips from your video regarding erotic massage.. but the problem ma’am Gabrielle I got no enough bucks for reasons that my 3 kids they are in college… I hope you understand…thanks for all of these I wanna apply the stroke you have explained in your video… GOD BLESS

  19. Lion and Tiger says:

    Your messages have been inspirational for me. Thank you.

  20. Timothy Woolridge says:

    I like the full body massage that will turn my wife on more and get her more in the mood.

  21. Martin says:

    Can’t wait so see those videos

  22. Jay says:

    i & my wife watched together and she liked the video,she can’t wait for me to try the 3 basic strokes to her naked-flesh right now…really juicy stuff thanks Gab.more power & better sex!

  23. WES ALLEN says:

    you will not be disapointed a investment for your love life single married or alone mmmmmmmmmh

  24. Patrick says:

    It worked very well,now my wife think I got experience from another lady,but because of this video everything in our bed has changed,good work Moore and keep it up!

  25. Kelvin says:

    Ur program is very educative and informative,with this i av known some sensitive part in female most important the G-spot

  26. bada lund says:

    i want to enjoy the full setisfection of sex but some how i cant abel to do so..hope this ll help me out!

  27. Maurice waiganjo says:

    I like the sexual techniques you have showed me, they have greatly improved our relationship with my girlfriend.but i dont have enough money to purchase the whole video on erotic massage.I appreciate very much.

  28. burema says:

    very interesting and never forget keep it up. I watch it with my girlfriend naked on a bed.

  29. bhadranr says:

    hi i am bhadran from chennai, deeply interested to give & receive exotic erotic full of all joy massage to/from my women.periodically as this a never ending process, justlike any other god given desire,apetite habits. having and giving good sex is needed to human body regularly, there is no bar. its the mutual chemistry. ultimate goal to achive. regular recharge of human system is good sign
    for good health,tension free life.
    Reg. bhadranr

  30. Thura says:

    good work. keep it up . there is a green signal for success in sex life for all without fear.
    with kind regards

  31. respy says:

    You have improved my relationship with your techniques.I am happy bse of you,,i really appreciate.

  32. respy says:

    Your so sweet

  33. zen1975 says:

    dear its very good work keep it up & share many more thank u

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  35. Azuka chimezie says:

    thanks for this, you the best sexual advisor

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